If You Blame Immigrants, Lesbians, Abortions, and Sharia Law for the Economy: Congratulations!!! You Made That.

18 million vacant homes in 2010 (CNBC). Raptured to heaven? Meanwhile, Mexico goes from 97 million in 2000 to 113 million by 2010. Latin fertility rates are about the same as the US, so birth rate is not involved.

16 million Mexicans suddenly materialize. 18 million American houses abandoned.

Meanwhile, the Texas economy boomed during the Great Recession.

SURPRISE!!! Some rednecks are not racist.

Texas avoids islamophobia. Their economy booms.

Then Marco Rubio and John McCain abandon islamophobia?

Economists don’t know what “undocumented” actually means and continue to use US Census Bureau estimates.

The Real ID Act of 2005 converts 27 million undocumented Americans into illegal aliens. US Citizens born before 1940, Native Americans born before 1924, children that are not vaccinated, Alaskans and Hawaiians born before 1959 all suddenly become subject to deportation. Wall Street executives suggest the undocumented population “may be as high as 20 million people” in 2005.

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — A California woman has been awarded $250,000 in damages after being thrown to the ground and hogtied by California Highway Patrol officers while pregnant … Officers claimed Ms Gaglione raised her arms in a threatening manner … false charges were dropped after the video tape was released …

Ms Gaglione was choked and hogtied after holding up her hands to surrender and yelling that she was pregnant at gun point.

Officers were not disciplined, so beating unarmed pregnant women complies with official California state policy.

In fact, police bonus checks and overtime of $30 million depends on vehicle theft from brown skin motorists like Ms Gaglione.

Has the entire world gone bugnuts crazy?

Choking someone that surrendered is even a war crime. Even in Los Angeles. Officers admit she told them she was pregnant when she raised her hands. The video looks like attempted murder.

Ow. OW. Officer. ow. I’m trying to breathe here. OW!!

… a clear intention to surrender is generally shown by … raising one’s hands … (International Red Cross)

Her crime? Using a cell phone while brown.

Real Life Stormtroopers … were member of the Nazi Militia … (Urban Dictionary)

California peace officers get to steal for fun and profit it if you “look Muslim” without a drivers license. Video evidence is routinely destroyed by recording back over it when officers lie on the police report by claiming that there is no recording, as they did with Ms Gaglione.

California Penal Code 118.1. Every peace officer who files any report … known to be false … is … punishable by imprisonment …

America is sprinkled with racist communities fertilized by George W Bush with a race-profiling grant of $82 billion modeled after the internal passport system used by the former Soviet Union.

Conservatives trying to master economic theory involving $200 billion/year of consumer demand that fled to Mexico.

The Bush administration’s $3.2 million race profiling grant for California established a car theft industry focusing on Mexicans under the leadership of Governor Schwarzenegger because they “look Muslim”. Officers Hernandez and Martinez were trained to steal vehicles from people that look like Ms Gaglione.

Conservatives finally claim responsibility for the federal deficit at the Republican National Convention.

The economy did not collapse in states that refused to adopt the Real ID Act.

Republicans used September 11, 2001 as an excuse to confiscate civil rights from people that have brown skin.

Almost 20 million American residents self deported and collapsed the housing industry after being terrorized by peace officers that caught less than 100 actual American terrorists.

No videos documents any other deportation stops by the CHP because the Real ID Act suspends civil rights protection under the 4th amendment. Immigrant rights to obtain evidence is banned by the federal Real ID Act of 2005.

That is nothing new. California apologized for deporting 2 million U.S. citizens and legal residents starting on inauguration day in 1929. Housing abandonment collapsed the real estate market, followed by banking, then the stock market by October 1929. Mexico’s economy expanded simultaneously after their population boomed.

Tens of thousands of US citizens and legal residents are deported every year as a result of conservative ethnic cleansing activities.

Click any of the links to see references.

Officers Hernandez and Martinez tackling Ms Gaglione and cutting off her air supply while hogtying her (click here for the video).

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